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Join us at PolkadotPrague, a distinctive gathering focused on the growth and potential of the Polkadot ecosystem. Set against the backdrop of Prague’s iconic cityscape, this event brings together thought leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts for an enriching experience highlighting collaboration, innovation, and interoperability. PolkadotPrague celebrates the transformative power of Polkadot, inspiring participants to explore new avenues in blockchain technology and drive the future of Web3.

As part of the exciting Prague Blockchain Week, PolkadotPrague caters to a diverse audience, from Web3 veterans to those seeking an introduction to Polkadot. Our program offers both intermediate and introductory-level content, ensuring valuable insights and learning opportunities for all attendees.


PolkadotPrague is dedicated to nurturing Polkadot’s expansion by emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and interoperability. Uniting visionaries across the blockchain landscape, we aim to address future challenges while tapping into Polkadot’s pivotal role in crafting a thriving, equitable world.


Content type and target audience

PolkadotPrague is designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from seasoned Web3 professionals attending Prague Blockchain Week to Web2 enthusiasts looking for an introduction to Polkadot. Our event focuses on both intermediate and introductory-level content, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience for all.

Two Stages

The event features two distinct stages: the Fundamental Stage and the Community & Business Development Stage. The Fundamental Stage showcases key developments, innovative projects, and thought-provoking discussions, while the Community & Business Development Stage offers a more relaxed atmosphere for networking, brainstorming, and collaboration.

The garden of Eden

Main venue

The vault hall

Second stage




Gabriel Loci is conveniently situated within close proximity to major transportation hubs in the city. Accessible via public transit, the venue is a short distance from metro, bus, and tram stations, ensuring seamless arrival and departure for our attendees.

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Accommodation options

Prague boasts a wealth of accommodation options, catering to all budgets and preferences. From charming boutique hotels to comfortable hostels and modern serviced apartments, there’s something for everyone. We will provide a list of recommended accommodations near the venue, ensuring a convenient and memorable stay during your time at PolkadotPrague.

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